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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 5 - 1

If you go out to Mong Kok after 9pm on a normal weekday, this is what you will see. Most of the street market area is closed.

You can still see some toys ...

But all the eating shops are still open. This is a famous little food stand with long lines call "Fat Sister".

You can get deep fry pig intestine on the left or real stinky tofu on the right.

Of course, there are fish balls (and curry fish balls), as well as cow internal organs for your picking.

This food stand, however, is famous for octopus. They happened to be cold eat but they are soooo good.

Here is another popular desert place called Lucky Desert".

There are many things to choose from.

I picked something very simple called "Black and White". It is composed of tofu desert/flower (the white) and black sesame.

After the snack and desert, you can eat more in a "tea restaurant".

Again, many, many selections.

It is after 11pm.

So, a simple milk tea and

A simple toast with butter will do the trick.

Of course, if you are hungry, you can combo some more cow internal organs with yellow noodle or rice noodle :)


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