setstats Rozen Maiden - Fanime Con Private Cosplay Photoshoot - May 2008 - Fanimecon - San Jose - California

Fanimecon 2008 Private Photo Shoot - Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden (ローゼンメイデン, Rōzen Meiden) is a manga by the group Peach-Pit, with an anime series of the same name.[1] The story centers around Sakurada Jun, a young hikikomori boy that finds himself indebted to a living doll by the name of Shinku. Jun's sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic, experiences with Shinku--as well as the other six dolls of the Rozen Maiden--slowly bring him out of his depression and back into the world that he had abandoned. As a gundam fan, I never read anything similar to Rozen Maiden. Have you? Do you like it? Please tell me ...

Here are four pretty dolls from Rozen Maiden. Every dress is custom made.

I was told this is called "broken dolls". Not sure what it means.


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