Fanimecon 2008 Cosplayers and More
(Quick Day 1 summary - May 23, 2008)

I did a round of photo shoot today and took about 850 photos of various cosplayers. The player quality is actually as good as everything we have covered in Asia before. The main difference is the fact that people in the US read/watch different types of manga and anime from people in Asia. So the choice of characters in cosplay is quite different here. In any case, you can tell there is a lot of people who put a lot of time in making their pretty cosplay customes. Here are a few untouchup samples:

Arrrr, you went changing and I just find out I never have your phone number. What is the other costumes? Anyway, nice smile.


One of my favorite anime / manga: Galaxy Express 999. Maetel. THANK YOU for coming. I have not see one for years ...

Cut ...

In case someone forgets to mention to this nice young lady ... with just little more training and confidence, she can probably go pro in general modeling. She looks as good as a lot of models I see in the HIN circle.

She is so cute.

His or her mask is real. I did not add it.

The dolls from Rozen Maiden. All the customes are really well made.

My very first photo shoot with a black cosplayer. You can guess that there is almost no black cosplayers in Hong Kong / Japan for obvious reason.

From Loveless!

If you cannot be there at Fanimecon ... here are some of the rooms setup today:

The room for artists:

The Dealer room before it opens today at 2pm. (I have a press batch, so they are nice enough to let me in to take some clean pictures).

The japanese drum. I know the kanji. What is the English name?

There are a few video rooms but not too many people are there ...

Also, there is a whole bunch of people getting in line for An Cafe tickets. By the way, I was hoping for Nami Tamaki or T.M. Revolution next year. Anyone?