setstats Perfect Grade Zaku - Desert Color OOB Build - Part 2

Bandai 1/60 Zaku Perfect Grade Build - Desert Commander Color - Part 2

Here is some factory molding problem.

Some of the parts actually does not come out smooth. I have to sand them down with 1600 sand paper or so.

This particular tree is bad bad ..

Ok, back to the foot.

Sand down and I use baby wipes for clean up. They are great not only to clean up your kid's popo, it is also good on model :)

All the leg parts are ready for priming.

BBQ sticks.

Model claps.

Go. So many of them to paint ...

The ones I cannot stick will use the Mr Hobby clips.

Others will be just sticky tape at the back.


More priming.

Now, let's start by mixing out the paint for air spray.

The cheap and good bottles from Micheals.

I will do a four tone internal frame. So, it will be metal grey, copper-ish, alumnium and chrome.

First, start with the alumnium and dark copper. Mix and mix ... (you will see the results later).

Back to more priming.

Test drive on the dark metal grey I come up with. Basically it is tamiya metaltic grey + black.

Here is how the alumnium + dark copper turns out. It actually is good once I mix it before spraying.

The good old flat alumnium.

Ar, my dark alumnium + dark copper. It goes well as the tone between dark metal grey and flat alumnium. You will see when I do the test photoshoot. This photo in the garage at 1am does not show too well.

Here is the back leg part. The cables on the side needs to be highlight.

So, I use a black wash. 8 parts thinner, 1 part paint.


Done. You can see the details really well now.

More alumcopper color.

Also wash them to highlight the details.

Very metal look now.


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