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Gundam Modeling Tutorial - More on Sanding

Depends on the grade of the model you are building. You will be hit with different type of seam lines. Big and small, you can deal with them effectively. The most important thing you need is patience.

Well, you need some tools as well. First, you need to hide the seamline by applying something on top of it. You can use Mr Surfacer, instant glue or in this case, Tamiya surface primer. Back in the days, you have to use thinner to thin down putty. But now, you can buy a bottle like this.

First, apply the surface primer on the seamline. Wait for it to dry and repeat if necessary.

Now, the patience game starts. Sand the seamline down from medium to fine to x-fine using sand sticks or paper.

Start with coarse or medium.

Then, fine sanding stick.

More sanding.

Ar, this looks good enough.

Sand some more.

Now, the trick is to use a primer to cover all parts. I usually use tamiya fine surface primer.

Ar, here it is.

It looks good enough but you can still see a little line there ...

Sand it down some more. Yes, you can do that after priming as well.


You can wash your sanding stick and let dry to make sure they will last a long time.

Reprime and paint.

Da da. All good.

You can do the same process on other parts as well.

Again, it is a game of patience and planning.

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