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Gundam Modeling Tutorial - Air Brush Introduction

As your skill level goes up, one of the most important tool will be your Air brush. It is a relatively expensive piece of equipment as it goes from 100 USD to 500/600 USD.

I have two of them and here is the general purpose one.

Iwata makes one of the best hobby air brush in the industry. If you get a tamiya air brush, it is sometimes just a rebrand of a iwata. Here is the content of the box ...

This is the cover for the paint container on the top.

As you can tell, it is a gravity feed air brush. It means that the paint is pushed into the air flow using gravity. Another style is to use the air to suck the paint up from a bottle. I don't like those since it always get messy at the end when the paint almost runs out. Go get the gravity feed one if you are shopping for one.

This is a relatively advanced model, so there is a control at the bottom of the paint container to control how much paint can flow out to use.

The connector under the trigger is used to connect to the air tank.

The turning control at the end is to control how much you can pull back the trigger. The more you turn, the higher the number. The higher the number, the more you can pull back. The more you pull back, the more air (and paint) will come out.

Here is the cup (container) to put paint inside.

One of the problems I have in the beginning of using an airbrush is to not know how to clean it up. If you don't clean it up, it will stuck the trigger and/or paint to flow out. So, let me take out the whole thing one step at a time for you guys.

First, you take the turning control out at the end.

Next, you take away the tube with the holes on both sides.

Next, you take away the inner turn control.

The spring is then exposed.

Take out the spring and the tube it sits on.

Here they are.

The most important step is to take out the pin. The pin is where the paint will follow the air to air brush.

All out.

If you are using acrylic paint (great for beginner or lazy people like me), you can just use windex for clean up.

Take a piece of paper towel, and clean up the pin with windex.

There, all the dirts are out.

I also take out the trigger.

You normally don't need to clean up the tip if you use it correctly with the air brush cleaning bottle.

The air brush cleaning bottle (forget its exact name) is sitting on the left. You just need to load up your air brush with windex and spray to it each time you change color or finish up a job before you store the air brush.

If you have the space, use an air compressor with tank instead of a noisy hobby air brush compressor. The tank actually holds a good amount of compressed air, so it does not need to be on all the time. This is on sale at Home Depot, and I think I got it for 75 USD. And yes, you can bump your tires, beach balls, and any other things in between. Air compressor with tank is very useful.

The paint booth.

Paint booth does not come with ducks. So, home depot time for 20/30 USD.

The ducks are connected to holes to push the dirty air outside during your paint job. So, your hobby will not kill your lungs.

A few things you need to have. If you are using an air compressor with tank, a regulator is needed to make sure the air comes out at a certain level. I got this for 15 USD.

Another device is this thing to capture water particulars in the air. So, your paint will not contain water from the air while you are spraying it.

The air bursh set is completed with a holder.

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