setstats Dragon Armor - 1:72 Strumtiger - Ready for Battle Diorama

Dragon Armor - 1:72 Strumtiger - "Ready for Battle" Diorama

Besides making my own tanks, I also need quick fix every now and then. And this little Strumtiger fits the bill really well. It is not only a completed 1:72 model, it is also a mini diorama. The box itself acts as the base for the tank. I love the strumtiger because it is a variation of the tiger I (which I love). It is built on the Panzer VI Tiger I chassis and armed with a large naval rocket launcher, the 38 cm Raketen-Werfer RW61 L/5.4. Its primary task was to provide heavy fire support for infantry units fighting in urban areas. The few vehicles produced fought in the Warsaw Uprising, the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of the Reichswald. Anyway, here it is:

It is packaged like a lot of the 1:72 dragon armor series.

Everything is self-contained in the box.

The tank is not screwed into the base like a lot of the others offering. (I have eight of them so far, I will post more pics later).

The model is clean finish. In other words, minimum weathering.

The new Macro L lens is so fun to take pictures like this :)

Here is the little bridge and desk.

The wooden boxes (for the shells).

I ended up did not put the bridge on the rail as suggested because if I did the display box will not close ... kind of a design problem.

Here is how small the tank is.

Ready to display.

Sitting on top of my other tanks for now.

Surrounded by zaku and beautiful ladies ...



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