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Bandai - Kamen Rider IXA - IXA Calibur

The dual-function weapon of Kamen Rider IXA, the IXA Calibur can switch between its Gun Mode and Calibur Mode, both of which can deal some serious damage! In Gun Mode, its LED will light up and two types of gunfire sound effects will play when the trigger is pulled. Hold the trigger in for over one second and both the LED will light up and gunfire sound effects will play continuously. When switching to Calibur Mode, push the magazine in and press the release button to extend the blade, which will light the LED and play the Calibur Mode transformation sound. In Calibur Mode, press the trigger button to light the LED and play two types of sword attack sound effects, while holding the trigger for over one second will continuously light the LED and play the sound effects. In all, this toy features 10 different sound effects! 

Got this in Hong Kong for about 38 USD. The problem with toys in Hong Kong is that (sometimes) the price really goes up and down depends on whether they are popular or hard to find or not ... Long story short, it was selling for 199 HKD instead of 299 HKD two months earlier :(

Yes, it double as both sword and gun.

Younger son is a super fan for kamen rider.

Let's unbox.

You can say, the inner box is not pretty or you can say the inner is green since you can recycle them :)

Hong Kong version will score you a chinese version of the instruction.

It goes well with the henshin belt.

Here is the battery.




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