setstats Kamen Rider Fourze DX Astro Switch Kaban / Briefcase by Bandai

Kamen Rider Fourze DX Astro Switch Kaban / Briefcase by Bandai

How can you store all those Astro Switches for Kamen Rider Foruze?  This case, patterned after the attache that's seen so often in the show, can hold up to 10 switches, and also makes a great display base for your FMCS series Fourze figures!  It also comes with the Winch Switch.  It is a good bounded box so you feel good with 10 switches instead of all 40 to save you some money :)

I actually got a few switches as well as the Kaban all in Japan. Let's see what they look like :)

The fire switch.

The electric switch.

It is a candy toy. So, you have a .... Candy ... to go with it.

I have no clue how long the candy has been in the box. So, I dare not to eat it.

The different between a switch in the box and the switch in the egg is that the switch in the box comes with sticker on the switch. The switch you get from the egg machine requires you to apply sticker yourself.

And there is a QR code at the back.

The fire switch is cool as well. It looks exactuly like the one in the show.

2740 yen will get you the briefcase.

I was actually looking for the figure, but somehow never able to find it ... actually I think I just miss it in akiharaba.

The instruction.

Now, I can take this to work!

Of course, you have to pair it up with the henshin belt.





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