setstats Otaku Kid Activity - Star Wars Lego Build Set

Otaku Kid Activity - Star Wars Lego Build Set

Both of my kids are building gundam models now. But before I get them started on gunpla, I started them on little lego build set like this first :) And yes, they love it. Here is a perfect kit for a 5 years old kid.

Reading the instruction. They love the little lego guys that can build quickly.

Start by grouping all the blocks into groups.


They will play with them while building.

Working on the space ship now.

I actually donate the table after this build.

The big one wakes up and discover little brother is up to something.

Here they are :)

I have another set they can build together. I have another big big set they can build next xmas :)

Some painting after the build.

The little lego guys will go here for now.




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