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I have not gotten a Sony game machine for a long time. The last one I got is Sony PSP with my Sony points. Like most people, I skipped out on PSPGo. But Sony Vita is attractive in terms of technologies, so I was thinking about it. Ya la ya la ya, Takumi OpenHappy called me up and said "I will give you half a Vita with my sony points, I don't know what to do with them". Hell yes, and I got a Sony Vita just like that :) It is nice to have a good otaku friend.

Here it is. I actually get the GameStop package. A sony vita that comes with a free game and free memory card.

To top it off, I order a case from amazon to hold it. And yes, there is no tax back then for amazon. The good old days. (Only a few days ago).

The review somehow is not good, but after I play through resistance burning skies a couple times, I have to say I really enjoy it. It uses a very good control systems (with both sticks) and it is quite innovative.

I missed out on all the cards game that comes with DS, 3DS, 3DS XL and Sony. Not really interested in playing them when I have a real game.

You can use the back to play as well. But I have not have a game to demo it yet.

Looks so cool. And I ordered the gundam seed game to goes with it. Play so much of it and like it very much :) I am a sucker for gundam games. I just play and play and play.


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