setstats Bandai Soul of Chogokin: GX-43 Brave Leader Daimos Die-Cast Figure

Bandai Soul of Chogokin: GX-43 Brave Leader Daimos Die-Cast Figure

This was one of the shows that I would wake up early on Sat or Sun morning in my primary (elementary) school years to watch. I remember the truck and the robot actually does martial art moves.

Tosho Daimos (Brave Leader (or Fighting King or Battle Commander) Daimos) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Nihon Sunrise. Daimos is the third installment of the "Romantic Trilogy", following Chōdenji Robo Combattler V and Chōdenji Machine Voltes V. It ran from 1 April 1978 to 27 January 1979 and consisted of 44 episodes. A movie with the pivotal episodes strung together titled Starbirds was released in the US by the same company that released Tranzor Z. The name Daimos is derived from Deimos, one of the two moons of Mars. Outside of Japan, the show also aired in the Philippines, Malaysia and Italy. In the early 1980s there was a VHS release in France, but only the first seven episodes were available. In the 1990s, the entire series was shown in Poland (although with Polish voiceover, the Italian dubbing could be heard in background).

I got this for a steal for 76 USD (599 HKD) in Hong Kong. It was the last box in the store and the guy just want to move it for shelf space (for other new stuffs). Let's check it out.

Super good price. And it fits inside the suitcase nicely.

As usual, the instruction is printed mostly in color.

Daimos out of the box.

Here are the parts that needs to be attached.

Here is the back.

Details instruction on how to transform.

Kids love robot that transform, so this one is a big hit right away from the box. Let's first put the parts together first.

Let's attach the head of the truck.

Fit nicely inside the body.

Next are the covers for the back.


Here is the bigger version of the car that is supposed to be inside the robot.

Standard fighting pose.

Let's construct the stage for weapons.

All the accessories fit inside the stage (box).

There are a lot of weapons just like in the show.

Here they are.

Let's transform it into a truck!

Check out the legs.

The hands/arms actually are stored inside the legs.


Turn the head to get the head of the truck.

Da da! Really cool.

The back doors open so you can put the little small car inside.

This is as cool as it gets for a daimos toy.

Here is where he will be displayed for now.

This is the new shelf I built after cleaning out the closet :)


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