setstats 1/5 Sonsaku Hakufu 2 by Musashiya

1/5 Sonsaku Hakufu 2 by Musashiya

Sonsaku Hakuhu from "Ikki Tousen" makes a dramatic and huge figure in this 1/5-scale coldcast offering from Musashiya! At 35cm (nearly 14 inches) tall, she's a big girl who makes a big impression! She's got a big smile as she balances on one foot in an action pose in her short China dress. Limited to just 300 pieces production. I will have light box pics posted later (if I can figure out how to deal with something this big .. )

Note: This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists. Please click back if you are under 18.

The box is huge! Bigger than anything I can remember. Well, except the couple half scale (1/2) resin kit I have ... we get to those in a couple of years :)

Opening the box.

Here is a nice touch, there is a handle for you to pull it out safely.

Internal of the box.

Everything is good and nicely protected.

First, I took the base out.

She actually is able to stand on one leg.

Here is her head before the other hair "balls" are added.

Nice and tall.

Add the side hair pieces.

The skin color is relatively white, but it looks fine under normal lighting.

The center V hair is added.

Done setting up.

She is much bigger than the 1/60 Exia besides her.

Back to the big girls camp.

May be this way is better.

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