setstats 1/6 Kamen Rider FAIZ (555) by RAH-Medicom

1/6 Kamen Rider FAIZ (555) by RAH-Medicom

Out of the 20 some years of watching Kamen Rider, Faiz is my favorite Kamen Rider series. It is one of those series that I actually remember most of stories. Here is a 1/6 Faiz by RAH-Medicom. The Real Action Heroes Kamen Rider Faiz Deluxe type 2010 is every bit as exceptionally detailed as previous Real Action Heroes releases right down to the souls of its shoes! This fantastic figure is capable of assuming a variety of poses and comes with quite a number of accessories, to boot.

Yes. One of the best looking kamen rider action figure ever ...

It comes with transparent plastic cover.

Here is the back.

The box art is super sharp once you remove the wrapping.

Let's open the box.


Yeah. Pretty.

Here is the shelf I will put him inside.

Let's check out all the stuffs in the box.

Looking smart. The proportion is right on.

There is a protective plastic in between the belt and the body.

Cell phone open for "exceed charge".

Rooming with the tropper now.

One thing I discover is that fact that there is a hidden box art in the inner box.

Pretty cool. Wonder if they will ever make the bike for sell.




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