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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 1

Nobody can get away with not having a Windows crash these days. So, we will start with a crash in SFO airport.

Long trip inside the airplane is actually not that bad after the kids realize there is a TV / game machine right in front of them.

If you live in the US, everything will be an adventure for you. Here is the Hong Kong airport shuttle train.

We are going to stay at grandma's condo this time. Usually, good condo complex will have a good mall attached to it. Inside the mall, there are arcades! And kids can start playing on day 1 getting off the plane.

Here is a nice looking lady inside the MTR train.

There is a gundam

We went to Hong Kong disney land. It is the smallest disney land in the world. But still fun for kids.

After the fireworks, there is a whole street of shops in disney land to help you lighten up your wallet.

More train riding time. This is inside the MTR - Mass Transit Railway - underground train in Hong Kong. Kids love who they slide on the seat when it moves forward.

MTR Ads for Gundam Expo.

Here is one of the toy store I visited that day. It is called Wonderland. Very good selection with good price.

Check these out.

Here is another toy floor I visited in a multiple stories department store called SOGO. Price is kind of expensive but the selection is so good.

There are a lot of egg toys to buy as well.



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