setstats Toyota Car Show - 2002

Japan Toyota Car Show

Here is part of history from 2001 while I was in Japan. I need my kids to be older, so I can bring them all to Japan to have fun again. I was in Japan twice. Anyway, here is a fun Toyota car show back in the days. I used to have this posted in my other web site years ago.

Here is a good looking lady in front of the car dispenser.

You can press some buttons and then the car of your choice will be moved in front of you to check out (look at closer). It is pretty cool.

She picks this one (the celsior?).

Here is a premio. A lot of the models are never sold in the US market.

A Formula 1 with toyota engine.

The DXS.

The DMT. Very interesting looking.

The ES 3.

The new wave looking like a suitcase.

An american car?

Not sure what this is ...

The WiLL.

A supera. I would think about getting one if they still sell it in the us.

Is this the Hummer H1?

Somehow it has toyota on it.

But it looks like a hummer. Oh, it is called a Mega Cruiser.

Do you like H1 better or this better?

Rally type land cruiser.

A van model that is also not sell in the US.

LS430 (Lexus is also a toyota).

MR2 with TRD package.

They have cars and a bunch of shows with them.


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