setstats Hong Kong Haul - Xmas 2012

Hong Kong Haul - Xmas 2012

Having a buying problem here. Way too much stuffs, but it is a lot less than a couple of years ago. Haha. But the kids now consume them as well. So, it all balance out happily :) In any case, here is what I get from Hong Kong around xmas 2012. Three weeks trip will do some damage. You can check out where to go, tour and shopping in here.

Hong Kong is so fun. Everything is 33% or 50% cheaper than here in the US. Food is good, family is there. Very cool to visit. Bad for raising kids, for vacation is good :)

Love the 1/48 series. It is big enough that you can practice different air brush techniques with it. I will post more of my mega scale age-1 painting later.

And you can tell I am a fan of the unicorn series just like a lot of gundam fans.

A few items on the right are gifts from a friend to my kids.

The angry bird stuffs is like 5 USD in Hong Kong Toy Street.

Some cool games at the time.

Cannot find the exia, so I got avalanche exia instead. It looks so good.

Love this guy. I watched the whole series when I was young.

Only around 25 USD for super goku here.

Always a zaku fan, cannot get enough of them.

Finally got the whole original TV series for the kids to "learn" from the beginning.

15 USD for a whole series of fun.

Support twins forever. (Yeah, right?)

Stationery are so good in Hong Kong. Kids love them.

More rescue cars to complete the whole series. I am only missing a blue fire engine now.

Now, I have three unicorn gundams hanging out in the garage unbuilit ...

Started the bad habit of getting RAH kamen riders for all the series I have watched. I few more to go.

Free red packets env from Asian Game Show.

There is always more stuffs in the garage that cannot carry upstair. All type of modeling tools in this case.

And younger kid's xmas gift (next year).

Might as well get the whole set while I am at it.

Here is the only thing that is broken while transferring from Hong Kong to US. Actually, the package is designed wrong since there is no support at the top ... still need to fix it later.

A 2 dollar USD scale to check if you are over weight or not.

Hong Kong chinese new year good luck signs.

Can you believe this? It is 5 USD only!!!

That is it. Don't forget to check out where to get them at ... where to go, tour and shopping in Hong Kong.



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