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OpenHappy Photoshoots Information


1. Location and Schedule

Please check the latest here



2. How do I sign up?

Please email (not forum PM) me at richard at The information I need is:

  1. Your name (real or coplay name that I can address you) and email.
  2. A working cell phone number on the day of the con. (I want to know if you are coming or not. If not, we want to spend some more time in the dealer room :) or give the slot to someone else.)
  3. Your custome (character + series)
  4. How many people does your group have?
  5. Time slot you prefer
  6. Link to your profile at, cosplaylab or anywhere else. If you have no profile, please send me a sample photo of your cosplay.
  7. Any special preference I have to watch out.


I will post the schedule after a few weeks. Email me to reserve a spot now!



3. Release

There is no release form to sign. Watermarked pictures will be posted in and you can also have the original version for download if necessary. Feel free to bring a friend or friends to photoshoot with us if you feel safer that way. Parents are also welcome to take part in the photoshoots. (So, yes, we have moms that watch the cosplayers or shoot with them).



4. It is Free. How do I say thank you?

You can say "thank you" by

a. Linking up with one of these banners from your web site.

You can link to either or


b. Link me up with my newly created facebook account. I will update you on local photoshoot events we will have.

Go to, and search for richard at and add me

c. Comments on about the pictures you like and have fun.



5. Why is it free?

We do it for fun and help building up the web site at the same time.



6. What Equipments do you shoot with?

Depends on the photographer(s) we have on that day. Mostly Canon SLR or Nikkon SLR with different types of lens and loads of memory cards.



7. Do people look at my photos on your site?

Yes. We usually have some 100,000 visits in the three months period we covered Fanime and AX. I usually take a break and spend some time with my toys, figures, gundam or travel towards the end of the year..




8. When do I get my pictures?

We usually post the walk around con pictures first on before we will work on the private shoots. So, we are look at around 2 to 4 weeks. A photo album will be created on the web site with single zip file to download. (I have unlimited storage).



9. Do you have a reference "customer" so I know you are not some bad guy?

You can check out the hundred of comments from various pages under the cosplay section for reference.



10. What happen if I cannot make my assigned time slot?

Please email / call / SMS richard if you cannot show up on that day. I could either give the slot to someone else or just go to the dealer room / artist alley instead of waiting around.



11. How do I look better in my photoshoots?

Please think of some posting you would like to do. I will have some standard posting. But it is a lot more fun with your participation. Put time and effort in your cosplay, makeup, etc.

An mini FAQ will be posted later. Please check back.



12. What is your contact information?

I will email you that after the schedule is up and confirmed.


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