setstats Anime Expo Cosplayers - Part 2-1 - July - AX 2008 - Los Angeles - California

AX 2008 Cosplayers - Part II - 1

More cosplayers goodness from Friday, Sat and Sun of AX 2008.

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I am actually not sure what characters these three are. In any case, the cosplay is simple yet eye catching.

A J pop group?

My wife loved this one. (Oh well, she likes it better without the blood ...)

Yeah, another FF character to justify the hours you spent on the games.

They are playing some type of "catching people" game. The guy you see in the middle will call for a name and a person from the other side will run towards them. If she/he cannot run through the line, she/he is caught. Can someone explain what the game is?


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