setstats AOD 2010 - Yukie Dong Mini Concert - Part 1

AOD 2010 - Yukie Dong Mini Concert - Part 1

I first met Yukie in a private photoshoot in AX 2008 on her birthday if I remember right. I also saw her performance back in Fanime 2008. Since then, Yukie has become an active live anime song performer based in Bay Area, you might know her from previous events at Fanime, Fanimaid Cafe, Anime Expo Ani-maid Cafe, Previous AOD, Anime Destiny, and Japan Town Matsuri events.

I happened to stop by her anime-song-themed live performance event at AOD 2010. The room is jam packed and I am sure AOD can give her a room twice the size next year and she can fill it up without any problem. Besides singing, there is also a "guess this anime song" mini-game. The mini concert is a fun event with Yukie singing, a host with super cute face, Yoko as guest singer and more. We almost are able to bring a HD recorder this year ... almost, so may be next year :) Hope you enjoy the pictures this year and bring you good memory as they did for us.






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