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Cosplayers of Asia Game Show (AGS) 2011

Openhappy returns to Asia Game Show (AGS) 2011. Thanks for the officials in AGS, we are able to obtain exclusive access only available to media/press. And of course, we are bringing you the latest of cosplay from Hong Kong/Asia.

Here is official press info from AGS 2011:

Asia Game Show 2011 celebrates a remarkable 10 years milestone

Youth recruitment survey reveals the opportunities and trends in the creative media industry
AGS 2011 offers over 200 job opportunities to the Y-Generation

27 November 2011, Hong Kong — This year’s Asia Game Show (AGS) marks the tenth anniversary of the event, a remarkable milestone that demonstrates the festival’s resilience and popularity as a mainstay of the Asian game industry calendar. The show’s media launch event was held today, announcing another record-breaking year for the AGS with more than 40 confirmed exhibitors and a predicted attendance of over 470,000. Organizers also announced that over 200 job opportunities will be made available for the show.

Evette Chan, Events Director of M Partners Group Ltd, the organizer of AGS 2011, together with Mr. James Hong, General Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited, Mr. Sze Yan Ngai, Founder and Convener of the Hong Kong Game Industry Association (HKGIA), Mr. Charles Mok, President of the Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC) and Mr. Cheung Chi Wai, Unit-in-charge of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) were the honored guests who officially kicked off Asia Game Show 2011 with an opening ceremony and sharing their vision to the gaming industry. The largest exhibitor SCEH has been a staunch supporter of AGS for ten consecutive years, and has seen its revenues increase rapidly year on year. Sales revenue in 2010 was increased by 11% compared to 2009.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of AGS, there are lots of new elements including the “Creative Media Career Expo”, the “Women’s Gaming Zone” and “Ten Years Milestones in Asian Games”. Serving as a platform to exhibitors from all over the world, AGS provides a valuable opportunity for the exhibitors to interact with visitors, share different gaming culture and explore the further development of the local creative media industry.

“This year the Asia Game Show celebrates its tenth anniversary,” said Evette Chan, “and it has become a fixture not only among Hong Kong conventions and exhibitions, but also a key event in the game industry across Asia as a whole. AGS 2011 introduces a number of other exciting new features to the much-loved Asia Game Show mix. “Ten Years Milestones in Asian Games”, a ‘Time Tunnel’ experience taking visitors through an exhibition of classic consoles over the decade will recall the gamers’ collective memories. Moreover, a themed area for games aimed at women are also featured this year reflecting today’s increasing numbers of female gamers. This year‘s AGS has succeeded in working closely with supporting institutions from Taiwan and around the world t stimulate the revenue of AGS and bring all kinds of gaming cultures to Hong Kong so that local gamers can get to know about different overseas gaming scenes. Our expected visitor numbers are around five percent higher than last year while estimated tourist numbers are around two to three percent higher. “

The press conference also unveiled the findings of a recent youth employment survey conducted by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. This survey focused on youth recruitment and how the post 80’s & 90’s respondents view and understand the creative media industry. According to Cheung Chi Wai, Unit-in-charge of HKFYG, “Around 60% of participants in the survey expressed an interest in working in the creative media industry. However, more than 80% said they felt there is lack of training resources (professional courses, hardware or professional qualifications etc).” Cheung also states that open communications is the key to better understanding and less conflict between employers and Y-Generation.

“We were glad to be able to work with HKFYG on this survey,” said Evette Chan, “and benefit from their expertise. It has highlighted the fact that there is a big pool of potential talent right here in Hong Kong, and AGS acts as the platform, for its first time, to recruit the passionate youth to enter and make the creative media sector blossom. “

At AGS 2011, the Creative Media Career Expo, offering visitors in their 20s and 30s useful employment information and opportunities with seminars by industry experts sharing interview and communication skills. For the first time, job interviews will take place on the event days, with around 50 creative media vacancies available. AGS will also be holding a large-scale recruitment fair in Tin Shui Wai on 4 December, providing even more creative media job opportunities for Hong Kongers.
James Hong, General Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, said “We are very happy to have been part of the Asia Game Show throughout these last ten years in the ever-changing world of gaming. From PS One’s Dance Dance Revolution and the motion game PS2 EyeToy, to everyone holding PSP in their hands in MTR; from those classic monochrome games to high-definition 3D interface and front and rear touch pad feature in the upcoming PS Vita, it has always reflected the spirit and joy of the gaming world.”

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Here is one of the best cosplayers that day. Simple execution, pretty face, nice pose!


There is a Miss AGS competition in the main stage as well.

A guy or girl?

Here is part of the cosplayers and press only access area.

The whole AGS has become Sony AGS this year. And yes, there are people waiting in line for 2,3 long nights just to get the value pack for Vita.


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