setstats Cosplayers of AGS 2009 - Part 8

Cosplayers of AGS 2009 (Part 8)

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Another good looking booth girl.

Cosplayers try harder and harder in Hong Kong now because a few of them will eventually got hired as promotor for games, etc. So, in a way, there is some type of career path. Here is one sitting on the stage waiting for her turn.

Here is a booth for games both for parents and kids.

An eye game from PS3. A couple is playing. The sign said you can only play 5 minutes.


So, did our round and time to call it for the day.

If you are wondering how many people is 350,000 for a 4 days event, here is a shoot. There are people constantly coming in and out of the event center.

I might bring a longer lens to shoot some event performance shoots next time. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy the pics :)


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