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Tamiya - XB Pro - Expert Built - Mercedes Benz - Unimog 406 - Series U900 - 1/10 Scale

Unimog is a range of multi-purpose auto four wheel drive medium trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz, a division of Daimler AG. The name Unimog is pronounced [ˈuːnɪmɔk] in German and is an acronym for the German "UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät", Gerät being the German word for machine or device. Daimler Benz took over manufacture of the Unimog in 1951 and they are currently built in the Mercedes truck plant in Wörth am Rhein in Germany. Another Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. plant assembles Unimogs in Aksaray, Turkey. Unimogs were also built in Argentina until the first years of the 1980s, in the González Catán factory.

This is a big scale RC from Tamiya. There is a kit for it. Somehow I am able to get my hands on one of these Expert Built Pro ready to run truck. I normally put model like this together myself. But, if it is only 200 some USD (cheaper than a unbuilt kit), XP Pro will do. It is drect from Tamiya and the only catch is that the box is smashed in the corner. But I don't keep the box anyway, so happy to get one. The pictures has been sitting around in the computer for a while, I got this around thanksgiving in 2011.

Tamiya offical shipping box!

The XB Pro is inside.

Some option parts are also installed. So, it is really good value for 200 some USD.

Head and rear lights are there.

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