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What I bought in Hong Kong (Dec 2009 Version)

Ha ha. Here is my Hong Kong vacation haul from Dec 2009. I actually buy relatively very "little" this time around. Anyway, I put most of them up in the open hobby shelf for some pics. Here they are. Well, the PG Wing Gundam is from AX and the Ryomou Shimei is from Hobby Search a while ago. So, they do not count.

The Hong Kong Gundam Expo press gift is on the very left, the gundam MTR gift sets is in the middle.

The most expensive model/toy I buy this time is this Scania. It will be in the queue to build after I finish the PG zaku.

Also buy the flatbed to go with the scania. My friend Alan gives me the two little box of gundam seed figures. The Alvaaron and Gundam X are both my kills from gundam expo. The Gundam X is only 100 HKD (like 12 USD).

I did not buy the freedom at the back this time. The top RX 78 is the special clear smoke version from the expo. All the others are special happy discounted stuffs I wanted.

The DAIMOS is only 599 HKD! Love it.

The free gunpla Nicholas gets when he is in the gundam expo.

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