Midnight Tea - AX 2009 - Part 1

Here is the press coverage of AX 2009 Midnight Tea before they are open to the public. Midnight tea is a competitive event for enthusiasts of the Lolita/Aristocrat culture. Imagine a life size diorama & costume contest! This event gives the contestants a chance to create and design a themed tea party by decorating tea sets, tables, cushions and most importantly, show craftsmanship at creating a Lolita or Aristocratic themed tea party for exhibition only. No Food or Drink will be served.

I am a fan of Lolita fashion, so this is right down my alley. Don't forget to comment at the bottom of the page to show support. Also, if you are a contestant on that day, please facebook me at richard @ openhappy dot com, so we can linkup and maybe see each other next year.

All private or public photoshoots are free of charge, say thanks by buying us a drink!

Let's start with the Neon Genesis Evangelion table. They are the first table ready on that night!

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