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1/200 HCM Pro "Military" RX-79(G) Gundam Special Painted 

Unlike other special painted version of HCM Pro that is all metallic shiny and stuffs, this RX-79G is military or AMV style painted. In other words, it is nicely weather. Well, not as nicely weather as the tanks I built, but for a toy, it is very good. Again, this has been sitting in the garage for 1 year and 8 months, so time to take it out.

As mentioned in HLJ, the figure is packaged in a shooting pose on a diorama base inside a spiffy window-box packaging with clear windows on the front, sides, and top, plus a cool printed diorama backdrop inside the packaging for a fantastic display without the need to take it out of the box! But then, you will notice it really takes up a lot of space for a figure this small.

Anyway, it is nicely packaged.

Special paint also implies that there is no need to put the weapons together. They are all done out of the box.

Top down view.

Da da. Finally out of the box.

Even the menu is colored.

Yeah, the backpack can open.

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