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1/200 HCM Pro RX-78-2 Gundam

The start of a series is always the most exciting part. Here is the start of the HCM Pro series. The original gundam. HCM Pro stands for "High Complete Model Progressive". It is a completed action figure that is a big step above bandai's MSIA figures. This very gundam starts the whole series of HCM which has more than 65 mecha today (2009).

The box is make "01-00". Number 1 version 0.

I pick this one up for $80 HKD (around $10 USD) in Hong Kong. Again, it was in the garage for 1 year and 8 months. Finally, time to unbox.

The box package is very simple compared with the newer offering.

Parts are nicely painted and packaged.

When HCM Pro first comes up, the marking stands out the most since it is different than any gundam you see in moive and anime.

Some people love the markings, some people hated them. I just think they are special.

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